Product Review: Tilley T4MO Organic AirFlo Hat

By: Levi Opsatnic

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Not too long ago, I came up with a list of hats to shield you from those ever-prevalent, springtime showers. In that list was a hat made by Tilley, the LTM6 to be exact. I’ve always been a huge Tilley fan, though, like all high-quality items, they come with a fairly steep and intimidating price tag. However, after checking them out for quite some time and always wanting one added into my quiver of fly fishing gear for sunny days, I decided to finally pull the trigger.

The decision process was a bit tough for me because I wanted to choose a hat that would function over a variety of sunny conditions, and one that worked best for fly fishing, as that’s what I would be doing most of the time that I’d be wearing it (or at least that’s what I thought). With those two criteria in mind, I ended up settling on a T4MO Organic AirFlo Hat. My reason behind this decision was that this hat offered a generous brim that would shield me from the sun and help to cut the glare on the water’s surface so I could watch a dry fly cruise downstream without trouble, and also that it was made from an organic cotton, which ended up resting easy on my head and had a bit more sweat management magic than the nylon equivalent. The combination of those two features proved to work wonders on the stream; however, it didn’t take long before I found myself reaching for my Tilley even whenever I was outside of the water.

After a few months of owning it, I’ve found that my Tilley hat is a great choice for situations where the weather has a threat of rain on its agenda, but where you still want to maintain a sense of style. Which brings me to my next piece of Tilley praise, which is that their hats offer quite a bit in terms of stylish weather protection. Whether you’re simply looking to bop around a sunny town while looking good or are a worldly traveler, a Tilley will surely add an element of impressive style to whatever outfit you come up with. Not to mention, the Velcro pocket hidden in the crown of the hat makes for the perfect stash pocket for anything from a few bucks to all of the cards that you need.

In the short period of time that I’ve owned my T4MO, I’ve worn it everywhere from sunny, windy, and rainy Pennsylvanian streams, my commute to work, and all the way to hiking trails next to some of my favorite remote brookie creeks; and I certainly don’t think that my hat is limited to just those activities and am really looking forward to finding out more places that I can fit my Tilley into my outfit.

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