Spring Expo Recap

Well, that was one heck of an Expo! A big thanks to all of you who stopped by and spent some time with us. The weather was absolutely perfect (though perhaps a bit on the windy side), and we had a blast seeing all of you there. For seven hours, the store was packed with people signing up for our raffle, browsing the store, or simply hanging out and enjoying our deals.

For those of you who may have missed out, we had representatives from over 20 vendors in attendance helping customers with questions regarding specific clothes or gear. Not only that, there was plenty of swag and freebies handed out to customers all day long.

We even had our own version of a backcountry buffet thanks to our chefs Dan and Jackie and a slew of Mountain House products. They were such a big hit, many people came back for seconds…and thirds!  Who knew rehydrated food could be so tasty!

Our raffle was a huge hit, with tons of donations from several of our top selling vendors. In fact, it seemed for a little bit that the raffle table might be too small, but we managed somehow.

Several people took advantage of our fly-tying demo table held by TCO Fly Fishing. Kids seemed to love either tying their very own flies or trying their hand at a mock fly fishing rod. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more folks out at Spring Creek as the weather turns towards warmer days.

DSCN2508 (1024x768)

By far the biggest hit of our Expo had to be the Salewa bouldering table. It seemed like the table always had a heavy crowd either attempting to win the free pair of Salewa boots or simply watching their friends try their hand at table bouldering.

DSCN2431 (1024x768)

No matter what your favorite part of our Expo was, we were glad to just have you stop by. Of course, if you had to miss out this spring, fret not! We’ll be setting up another Expo in the fall or winter, so be sure to like us on Facebook to stay in the loop on upcoming details.

In the meantime, check out these amazing pictures from over the weekend. We absolutely had a blast! Thanks again everyone!

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