The Adventures of Betty and Theo in Reeds Gap State Park

By: Lisa Jordan

There isn’t a season that I love more than fall: the bright colors of the changing leaves, the warm days, brisk evenings, and especially the brisk fall winds that strip the trees of their foliage, leaving them naked to winter’s cold. Due to the health and age of my beloved lab, Theo, and the often lame, big, bad Betty Beagle, (pictured below), our long hikes now consist of short walks.  They love being in the woods, so if there is  anyplace I can go for 30 or 45 minutes and get them into the great outdoors, it’s worth the pain of not being able to venture deeper into the amazing Pennsylvanian mountains.

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This past weekend, the first time Mother Nature actually knew that it was no longer summer, led us into the breadth of towering white pines, hemlocks, and oaks of Reeds Gap State Park.

We parked in the camping area and ventured down to Honey Creek, which meanders sleepily through the camping area. The trees create a canopy over the creek—“crick” if you’re from central PA—and provide a beautiful framing as you gaze downstream.  The colors of the leaves proved that it was a prime fall day!

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Our short walk in the windy woods was well worth it. Tails wagging, the dogs went back to the car and snuggled in for the drive back to my parents’.  The breezy day and the amazing colors were worth the trip to New Lancaster Valley. I have no idea where Theo and Betty will venture to next week, but I am sure I will be sharing the adventure with them.

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