The Joys of Hump Day

Iphone says, today’s forecast, 72 and maybe a passing thunderstorm or two.

Sadly, this is not exactly the kind of weather we were hoping for, what with the wide array of outdoor activities we all surely have planned for our late afternoon !

Photo by M.Wolszczan

If you do happen to wander out, braving the elements, check out the weather forecast beforehand because getting stranded on a mountain ridge in the middle of a storm is Not exactly an awesome idea.  Also, sticking to the outer edge of the woods, not getting in too deep, might be a better idea when uncertain weather conditions loom.

Figuring out a quick and safe escape plan for you and your companions is key !

If you do happen to get stuck in the wilderness, keep in mind that the Central Region Emergency Strike Team (CREST), is ready and waiting to help you survive, to get you out of a bind safely. Just call 911 !

Please remember, Safety First !!

Good Luck, Good Hiking and Biking & Happy Trails !!!

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