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Weekender Medical Kit

Adventure Medical Weekender Medical Kit



The Weekender Medical Kit from Adventure Medical has been a best-seller for over 15 years. It is designed to take with you on trips ranging from a weekend camping trip to a week-long outing. When it's open, the Easy Care organization makes it simple to find the right supplies to administer medical care. Its lightweight and compact design won't weigh down your pack. It's perfect to handle most backcountry emergencies.


  • Administer CPR Safely - CPR Face Shield for protected mouth-to-mouth resuscitation

  • Clean and Close Wounds - Irrigation syringe and wound closure strips to clean and close wounds

  • Manage Pain and Illnesses - A wide array of medications to treat pain, inflammation, and common allergies

  • Provide Hospital-Quality Care - Hospital-quality tools, including EMT Shears and precision forceps set the standard for backcountry medical care

  • Stop Bleeding - Trauma pad and wide elastic wraps to control life-threatening bleeding

  • Comprehensive Guide to Wilderness & Travel Medicine By Eric A. Weiss, M.D. - The most up-to-date information on wilderness and travel medicine. Includes: "Weiss Advice" improvised techniques; "When to Worry" tips; 97 illustrations; recommended prescription medications; medical supplies for extended expeditions; and information on how to use the components of your Adventure Medical Kit

  • Size: 10" x 9.5" x 4"

  • Weight: 1lb 15 oz

  • Group Size: 1 - 6 People

  • Trip Duration: 1 - 7 Days

  • IDEAL USES: Urban, Family, Camping

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