Appalachian Outdoors Events



Adventure Tips n’ Treats for Women in the Outdoors - October 25th 7PM – 8PM


Join us at Free U as Lisa Wandel, Founder of the Women’s Adventure Club of Centre County, shares tips n’ treats on gear to get started, groups to join, where to go and how to stay safe.


Fall Expo 2017 - October 28th 10AM – 6PM

Fall Expo<br />

Join us for our annual Fall Expo! Get ready to have some fun because we’re going to have a day filled with the newest gear, the latest fashions, giveaways, raffles and more! Plus, talk with our expert reps about all the products you LOVE and local community groups about what’s going on in the local area!


First Friday 2017 - November 3rd 5PM – 8PM

First Friday<br />

Kicking off Military Appreciation Week!


Merrell Pint Night - November 15th 6PM – 8PM

Merrell Pint Nite


Local News


This past Spring we were able to help distribute $25,000 in grants to local non-profit environmental groups. Congratulations to Clearwater Conservancy, Shaver’s Creek, Keystone Trail Association, Midstate Trail Association and Sierra Club. Thank you Patagonia for continuously supporting projects that help to keep our environment secure and beautiful.

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