Looking Back at a Snowy Hike in February at the Lonberger Trail

With spring well underway, it’s easy to get filled with excitement about the upcoming season, the changing of the environment, and a fresh change of weather, but we’d be lying if we didn’t say that we’ll miss the snow that winter brought us this year, even though it’s only been a few short weeks since our trails were covered in snow. Roughly three weeks ago, Geoff took to the Lonberger Trail to make the most of what was left of the snow-covered trails. The Lonberger Trail is a loop that runs for about 7.2 miles and, like all of Rothrock State Forest, provides excellent scenery and a wealth of outdoor recreation. Geoff covered nearly three miles and this hike shows just how great of a trail this is without straying too far outside of State College.

Where to begin and end: Parking Lot off of Laurel Run Road

An overview of the path that was taken.

1A look at the trail from the parking area.

2Taking a left to go up at the start of the trail.

3Take a left here to stay on the trail.

4Moss and snow are the perfect late winter combo.

Like all outdoor activities, hiking in the winter is something that you want to be prepared to do safely and comfortably, and despite each of us having our own requirements, here are a few things that should be brought along: a map of the area a good pair of hiking socks, a water bottle, a headlamp for after dusk, trekking poles, and proper clothing for the day’s conditions.

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