Get to Know a Vendor: On Running

By: Pei Schlosberg
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Today, it seems as if everyone is training for a marathon. Runners are taking over stride by stride and grabbing their favorite pair of shoes to complete the treacherous, but rewarding, 26.2 miles. Here at Appalachian Outdoors we carry a handful of running brands, but today we will get to know more about the Swiss high-performing running shoes made by On Running. With a variety of different styles and colors, everyone will be running in style with On Running.


On Running began in Switzerland with retired athlete, Oliver Bernhard, and two of his friends, David Allemann and Caspar Copetti; between these three, they had the hope of reinventing the feeling of running shoes for the better. With their combined desire to achieve the feeling of “running on clouds,” the brand was officially born in 2010. The high-tech shoes first started with him experimenting with garden hoses, hoping he could create a nuanced way of cushioning running shoes. The patented CloudTec technology delivers cushion support and comfort, each “cloud” absorbing the impact, creating a running experience that over 7 million athletes in over fifty countries enjoy. This dream team of three went on to win the ISPO BrandNew Award in 2010 taking the industry by storm, not only creating functionality across their products, but also style.

ss24-run_culture_brand_build-cloudmonster_2-social_media-instagram-feed-no_language-1080x1080-06(All photos courtesy of On Running)

Initially known for their running shoes, On Running has quickly transformed into an equally successful lifestyle brand, as their shoes have become everyday go-tos for many. On has expanded their realm from running to hiking, tennis, and apparel, quickly becoming a leading brand in the outdoor and fitness industries. On is also a brand that utilizes recycled material and exclusively uses vegan materials in production–from the adhesives that they use to the materials that construct each shoe, no animal-derived products are used within their footwear. Working towards 100% certified organic cotton and 100% mulesing-free wool, On continues to be innovative in the operations of their company and lead the industry in a sustainable way. The technology implemented, the variety of styles and colors, and the brands’ sustainability make this a company that you don’t want to miss out On (running), and at Appalachian Outdoors, we are honored to offer their products and have the relationship that we do with this company.

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