A Sunny Saturday Spent in Rothrock at the Lonberger Trail

As we’ve had some warmer-than-normal weather lately, it’s made for some great winter hiking opportunities, and with a ton of different options of where to go, Geoff hit Rothrock State Forest this Saturday and hiked a portion of the Lonberger Trail. The Lonberger Trail is a loop that runs for about 7.2 miles and provides excellent scenery, as is so common in Rothrock State Forest. On Saturday’s hike, Geoff covered a bit less than two miles of trail.

Where to begin and end: Parking Lot off of Laurel Run Road

Relive ‘Lonberger Trail’

A look at the path that was followed.

1A convenient parking lot makes this trail nice and accessible for everyone.

2Getting ready to start the hike.

3The start of the path, beginning with a nice incline.

This hike on Lonberger Trail was an excellent time and a great way to enjoy those unseasonable temps. If you’re looking for advice on where to hike, feel free to stop on in and we’ll get you on the right path.

Like all outdoor activities, hiking in the winter is something that you want to be prepared to do safely and comfortably, and despite each of us having our own requirements, here are a few things that should be brought along: a map of the area a good pair of hiking socks, a water bottle, a headlamp for after dusk, trekking poles, and proper clothing for the day’s conditions.

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