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Kid Carriers

Little Timmy slowing you down? In that case, you might want to get one of these kid carriers so you can continue on the trail at your own pace, except this time with a child strapped to your back. We've got standalone carriers as well as those attached to rucksacks so the choice is yours.

Outdoor baby carriers are designed to be comfortable for both the baby and the carrier. For the best and easiest carry over long distances, make sure that the back system is fully adjusted. If mom and dad are sharing the load it pays to take a moment to adapt the carry straps to the individual doing the carrying. Some carriers also come with extra storage space for snacks, spare clothes, diapers, and all the 101 little things a baby might need when away from home for the day. Although many come equipped with stands, do remember that these are for loading and unloading only- never leave your child in any carrier without a steadying hand to make sure it doesn't tip up.