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Kids Climbing Gear

Some kids take to climbing like ducks to water. Others take a little time to get hooked but once they've learned to trust the rope and the belayer, they want to keep coming back for another try. We believe that climbing with kids is a fantastic family activity and that the sport has a lot to offer children and teenagers.

There are two styles of kids' climbing harnesses, full-body and sit. The sit harnesses we have here are suitable for slightly older kids, and with one of these they can learn to belay, rappel, and climb like a grown up. There are even a couple of gear loops for when the time comes to try outdoor climbing. Because children have a much higher center of gravity than adults and protecting their safety is such an important concern, they should always wear helmets even when climbing indoors. Some (the Petzl Elios for example) come in a smaller size that can be adjusted to fit most kids.