Five on Friday: Dog Essentials

by Jacob Gordon.  

five-on-fridays-logo2If you’ve adopted a dog, you know it’s nearly impossible to go a day without thinking of them. Heck, I can barely go shopping around town without picking up an item or two for my pooch (actually, it’s a rare shopping trip when I come home with more stuff for me than my dog).

You should also think about your dog when outfitting for the outdoors. Some of the best activities you can do with your dog are camping or hiking, and it’s important to make sure Fido is as comfy as you are. This week’s Five on Friday is focused on dog essentials to make your next camping or hiking trip easier on your four legged friend. While I may not be talking about hiking boots for your dog, I will focus on items that will help keep your dog hydrated, comfortable, and visible.



1.     Ruff Wear Approach Pack

You have your favorite pack, but shouldn’t your dog have one too? The Approach Pack from Ruff Wear is designed to help lighten your load a bit, while ensuring your dog doesn’t feel bogged down with the extra weight. The weight-forward design pairs with the Web Master Harness frame to keep the bulk of the pack’s weight towards the front and evenly distributed, so your dog won’t ever feel unbalanced. There’s also a top handle in case your pooch needs extra help across rocky terrain. If you don’t feel comfortable putting some of your gear in your dog’s pack, you could always let your dog carry his or her stuff like food, bowls, and toys.



2.     Ruff Wear Kibble Kaddie

If your dog is anything like mine, he or she likes to eat…A LOT. Well, make sure your dog is always well fed at the campsite with the Kibble Kaddie from Ruff Wear. Designed with a capacity of 42 cups, you can fit plenty of food in there, even if you’re going on an extended trip. The kibble is dispensed through a food chute that has a magnetic closure, so it’s easy to feed Fido. The Kibble Kaddie is also a perfect item to have for road trips, so you don’t have to lug a large container or bag of food around.



3.     Ruff Wear Bivy Bota Bowl

While the Kibble Kaddie can store your dog’s food, the Bivy Bota Bowl lets your dog eat or drink to their belly’s content. The Bivy Bota Bowl features welded fabric technology, which creates a watertight seal that not only ensures water stays in the bowl, but it makes filling up at a tap, well, or stream a breeze. The Bivy Bota Bowl collapses down and easily stashes in your pack for those day hikes during the summer months, making it a great way to keep your pooch hydrated. If you’re a constant road tripper or camper, I’d recommend getting two bowls: one for water and one for food. They’re lightweight, easy to pack, and take up no space at all.



4.     Chaco Dog Leash or Collar

I know what you’re thinking: Chaco? But that’s a sandal company. That’s certainly correct, but they’ve taken the lessons they’ve learned regarding durability and their sandals and have started to apply that into the dog world. Not with shoes (not yet at least), but with leashes  and collars. The webbing used for Chaco’s sandals is well-known for its durability, so it seems like a natural fit for leashes and collars. Not to mention, your dog can get a dash of that Chaco styling that can’t be found in mega-mart pet stores.



5.     Nite Ize Nite Dawg Dog Collar

If you’re planning on bringing your dog on your next camping trip or if you go on plenty of night walks around town, the Nite Dawg collar from Nite Ize is essential for keeping your dog visible in the dark. The Nite Dawg is powered by a super-efficient LED bulb that can last up to 100,000 hours. This light up collar is completely weather resistant and ensures your pooch is visible within 1,000 feet. The Nite Dawg collar has two modes: flash and steady glow. Made from high-quality, durable nylon, the Nite Dawg collar isn’t just a glorified flashlight and functions as a great all-day collar as well as a night collar.

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