A Warm Welcome to the Packs of the Year

By: Levi Opsatnic

Osprey Atmos AG

With the spring camping and backpacking season quickly approaching, it’s now time to begin choosing which pack suits your needs best. Fortunately for those on the market for a new pack, Backpacker Magazine has just released their Editor’s Choice awards to help springboard your decision.

And we, at Appalachian Outdoors, are very proud to announce that our store is currently carrying Osprey’s Atmos AG/Aura AG series, which is the winning line for the pack award in the 2015 season. These packs weren’t the winner for just any old reason, as they are revolutionizing the combination of ventilation, stability, and load carrying in the world of packs with Osprey’s AG (Anti-Gravity) technology. Not only is Osprey teaching the old pack dog a new trick here, but they’ve also managed to include everything else in the Atmos/Aura AG series that has made their packs so lovable for so long.

Unsure about this new technology? Stop into Appalachian Outdoors to check these packs out, try one on, and see how much of a difference they make in the comfort and function of your backpack needs.

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