Appalachian Outdoors Wants Your Questions!


At Appalachian Outdoors, we love answering all of our customers’ questions, and we receive quite a few on a daily basis. We know there are always plenty of questions that don’t get asked, so we’ve decided to reach out to you to see what unanswered questions you may have.

Maybe you’re not sure which water bottle is best for you. Perhaps you’re looking to go on a weekend hike, but aren’t sure which trail is best. Or, let’s say you’re looking for your first set of skis and have no idea what to look for.

For 2 weeks, we’ll take your questions and then post a blog full of answers in response. You might even see a video or two explaining some of the answers in more detail! We’ll call this Ask Appoutdoors.

So, your first question right off the bat is probably, “How do I get my question to you?” Good question! There are a few ways you can reach us:

  1. Post your question in the comments of this blog entry.
  2. Tweet your question to us (@appoutdoors) with the hashtag #askappoutdoors.
  3. Post your question on any of our Facebook posts related to Ask Appoutdoors.
  4. Email your question to [email protected] with Ask Appoutdoors in the subject line.

And don’t think the questions have to be uber-technical or advanced either. Even if you just want to know the name of the brown Lab that hangs out at our store, that’s perfectly fine too. (Her name is Neve, and she absolutely loves belly rubs. )

So go ahead and ask away. We look forward to reading your questions and giving you plenty of answers! Who knows, if we get a large amount of questions, this might become a regular column.

  1. Great question, Nick! We’ll be sure to tackle that one with our answer post in the next week or so. Be on the look out for it!

  2. Can you recommend a good trail guide to the Allegheny Front Trail? I have heard from a few different sources (personal friends and online reviews) that the trail markers are very confusing. Looking to do a few days on the trail in the autumn and wanted to get the best info possible. Thanks AO.

  3. Thanks for the question, Tyler. We’ll have an answer for you in our blog post later this week. Until then, check out Malti McKinnon’s post about hiking the AFT, if you haven’t yet.

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