Cross-Country Skiing along Laurel Run Road and Three Bridges Trail

So far this year, Laurel Run Road has provided some excellent cross-country skiing opportunities and this day was no exception. Spending some time skiing along Laurel Run Road and onto the Three Bridges Trail with near-perfect conditions made for a great day in Rothrock State Forest. Geoff covered a bit over a mile and these days with great snow are what help make those great winter memories.

Where to begin and end: Laurel Run Road

Relive ‘Laurel Run Road near 3 Bridges’

A look at the path that was taken.

2 Getting read to lay some tracks.

1The perfect snow for cross-country skiing.

Like all outdoor activities, cross-country skiing is something that you want to be prepared to do safely and comfortably, and despite each of us having our own requirements, here are a few things that should be brought along: a map of Rothrock State Forest, a good pair of ski socks, a water bottle, a headlamp for after dusk, and proper clothing for the day’s conditions. And if you’re looking to rent a pair of cross-country skis before committing, we offer a rental service.

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