Five Fun Games for Summer Vacations

By: Levi Opsatnic

With the start of summer fully underway and hot weather becoming the norm, it’s finally time to get those sandy vacations planned. With those retreats often comes hours spent on a beach taking it easy and enjoying yourself.  And while Central PA is devoid of saltwater and sandy beaches, we’re still stocked up on all of the fun games to help you make the most of those family trips to your favorite beach, and not to mention, all of these products are just as fun on the beach as they are at a tailgate or backyard barbecue, so grab yourself a cool drink, kick back, and check out this list of summer games to help you make the most of those annual getaways.

  1. KanJam Ultimate Disc Game

image one

Kanjam has been a go-to beach game for quite some time. Part Frisbee, part golf, and all parts fun, this game offers two teams of two people the opportunity to battle it out and really see who has the best accuracy with their flying disc. Not only is KanJam a great time, but its construction is nice and durable so you and your family will be playing this one for vacations to come.

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Also worth a mention is KanJam’s Illuminate Game. All the fun of KanJam but designed for those nocturnal parties, this one offers a little more challenge, the fun of glow-in-the-dark discs, and allows the entertainment to go all night long.

  1. Spikeball

C:\Users\Levi\Desktop\image three.jpg

We’re sort of new to Spikeball, but it didn’t take long before this game became an instant favorite. Designed for two teams of two players, Spikeball makes for a fast-paced game that’s ideal for those of us who have a competitive side. With serves similar to a game of volleyball, quick scoring, and a feel that might remind you of hacky sack, Spikeball offers an experience that just about everyone is sure to enjoy.

  1. Water Sports Horseshoe Game

C:\Users\Levi\Desktop\image four.jpg

Sort of a no-brainer for the beach or backyard pool, this horseshoe game from Water Sports offers classic fun that’s sure to occupy us all. Perfect for just about all ages, this game provides fun for the entire family and does a great job at letting the little ones fine-tune their hand-eye coordination.

  1. Outside Inside’s Backpack Cornhole Game


C:\Users\Levi\Desktop\image five.jpg

Sure, we’ve all probably enjoyed a game of cornhole, but Outside Inside makes the game a little more interesting and versatile with their Backpack Cornhole Game. Smaller than your average game of cornhole, this version adds a challenging element that’s sure to get you excited. Not only that, but this cornhole set is easy to transport and can be played in the backyard or on a table for the pinnacle of gaming versatility.

  1. Outside Inside Backpack Checkers Set


C:\Users\Levi\Desktop\image six.jpg

So a game of checkers may not be as adrenaline-packed as some of the other games on this list, Outside Inside’s Backpack Checkers Set provides a relaxed game that makes it easy to pass time while driving to your favorite beach. Magnetic game pieces prevent wind or those bumps along the road from ruining your game, while a compact construction allows you to store this game in your backpack and bust it out whenever you need to give your brain a workout and get competitive.

And for those of us who have maxed out those vacation days already and need to stay in Pennsylvania, check back next week for a blog article that details a number of beaches right in Central PA that makes every sunny day a blast.


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