Five on Friday: Five Men’s Button-Downs

By: Levi Opsatnic

One of everyone’s favorite summer holidays is right around the corner, the weather is nice and calm, and it’s time to bust out those classy and casual button-downs for all of the festivities that you have planned this weekend. Generally a bit more comfortable than a standard t-shirt and always a bit more stylish, button-down tops keep you feeling cool and looking great. So sit back and take it easy while we discuss five button downs that bridge the gap between fashion and function oh-so well.

1. The North Face Coyote Creek Shirt

The North Face Coyote Creek Shirt

The North Face keeps practicality in mind with their Coyote Creek Shirt. Made with some intriguing patterns, this top can be worn to just about any event in your planner without fear of underdressing. Featuring a soft and easy cotton construction, this top also has the comfort to carry you along your favorite creekside trail in the day, and then off to dinner in the evening.

2. Hippy Tree Finch Woven Shirt

Hippy Tree Finch Woven Shirt

Maybe or maybe not a new name to all of you out there, Hippy Tree is a company dedicated to climbing, surfing, and looking good. And their Finch Woven Shirt proves just how committed to style they are. Sporting a unique and slightly unorthodox plaid, this shirt embodies a certain carefree look that allows you to float through the day with ease. From graduation parties to your yearly camping trip, the Finch Woven Shirt is one that you won’t soon regret having on your back.

3. Prana Torres Shirt

Prana Torres Shirt

Prana’s Torres Shirt is strikingly bold, but in all the right ways. Pushing the environmental envelope, this shirt is made entirely from organic cotton to keep you from worrying about the footprint that you leave. And its intricately stunning print takes class to a fresh, new level that may have you thinking you just stumbled off of a ship and onto a tropical island.

4. Patagonia Puckerware Shirt

Patagonia Puckerware Shirt

A bit more technical than your average button-down, but without sacrificing any sort of good looks, Patagonia’s Puckerware Shirt is a slick shirt that’s sure to make its way into your summer arsenal quite quickly. Finely crafted from Patagonia’s seersucker fabric (a blend of recycled polyester and organic cotton), this shirt stays elevated off of your body to let the air flow and prevent sweat buildup, and also wicks away moisture to free you from soggily going about your day. If the awesome, lightweight comfort of this shirt wasn’t enough, then its classic plaid looks are sure to have you reaching all the way across the store for this bad boy.

5. Outdoor Research Tisbury Shirt

Outdoor Research Tisbury Shirt

It rests comfortably on your body, it wicks, it breathes, and it gives you a classy edge to the day, Outdoor Research’s Tisbury Shirt does just about everything that you could want from a button-down. A blend of organic cotton and recycled polyester starts things off nice and green, while a downright sharp style finishes everything off with a look that has no trouble quickly shifting from the trail to the barbecue.

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