Get to Know a Vendor: PrAna

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by Malti McKinnon

Although we carry multiple items from many brands that cater to the yoga fanatic, PrAna is definitely the staple when it comes to yoga apparel at Appalachian Outdoors. Based out of southern California, PrAna brings the best of pacific style to the outdoor market. Dedicated to sustainable business and fabrics, they make some of the most comfortable clothes you will ever wear. With lines in lifestyle, yoga, rock climbing, and swimming, PrAna has something for everyone.

Founded 22 years ago by Beaver and Pam Theodosakis, the company grew slowly, mindful of the impact that they had on their surroundings. The original pieces were hand sewn and shipped in old fruit boxes, and the tags were constructed out of hand-made recycled paper. From the very beginning, PrAna held the philosophy that a company should give back more than it takes.

Today, PrAna is quite a bit larger, but still holds onto their core values. They’re still based out of southern California in Carlsbad, and many of the original employees remain, including Beaver and Pam. They have made great strides in sustainability practices and have partnered with many notable organizations including Conservation Alliance and Textile Exchange. PrAna has also been a bluesign partner since 2012. Bluesign is a standard used in production to ensure safety for the environment and workers, and bluesign certified materials cut out hazardous products and practices. PrAna consistently works to incorporate more bluesign certified materials into their products.


The word prana means breathe in Sanskrit, and the company couldn’t have picked a better name. They are a company that is always looking for ways to live with the earth and all of its inhabitants, while giving back much more than they take. A prime example of this is the array of environmentally conscious materials used; PrAna has collections in organic cotton, hemp, and Fair Trade clothing certified by Fair Trade USA.

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Aside from partnerships with environmental organizations and clean manufacturing practices, PrAna aims to inspire its customers to live more sustainably. Over the years, they have taken on a number of athletes, including world renowned climber Chris Sharma and yogi Shiva Rea. With their help and feedback, the company not only makes better clothing and accessories, but gains publicity to keep the outdoors beautiful and get more people outside. This goes hand-in-hand with their partnerships with like-minded organizations. PrAna is a member of the Access Fund that works to keep climbing areas open and The Outdoor Foundation that focuses on getting more people interested in outdoor recreation.

Admittedly, PrAna apparel is on the pricier side, but after knowing everything that they do to ensure that you have an item that you can feel good about while looking great, the cost is well worth it. The clothes are tremendously comfortable and versatile too, which makes PrAna one of my favorite brands that we carry. You can climb, hike, and utkatasana to your heart’s content in just about everything that they make because of the added stretch (even the jeans!). This makes their clothes perfect for traveling or the days when you’re feeling a little more adventurous.

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