“I found the perfect ‘couples’ gift in an Eagles Nest Outfitters Hammock!”

The Hammock For Two”
Recently, I discovered that my parents would be celebrating an important wedding anniversary. Alas, I  found myself in the usual pickle regarding what to do about their gift! With every passing year, for birthdays, anniversaries and other such events, the stress of gift giving weighs on us all!
I happened to be on the Appoutdoors website for an unrelated reason and, by mere coincidence, I came across the Eagles Nest Outfitters: Doublenest Hammock for two!
Breathing a sigh of relief, I was relieved to have found the perfect ‘couples’ gift, especially for the coming warm months!
I first considered the garden in which it would hang (yes, this hammock is not only for use in the wilderness, although I am told that it does a rather fabulous job in the woods as well). More specifically, I imagined the colors and smells of freshly mowed grass, blooming flowers and the cobalt summer sky. And so, I chose the red/charcoal color combination.
To make a long story short, the moment the gift was revealed the summer buzz began!
“From which trees should we hang this lovely ENO thing?
Should it be from the Linden to the Maple? The Willow to the Pine?”
Final answer?
They decided on the Maple to the Pine!


Photo by M.Wolszczan