ISOPRO containers are now recyclable in Centre County !

ATTENTION:  We have just confirmed that our ISOPRO fuel containers by MSR and JetBoil are recyclable!

Some important points to follow are:

1.  These containers MUST be completely empty of fuel and depressurized.
2.  To depressurize your container, please vent the container and then crack it.
3.  DO NOT just take a tool to the top of the container to open it.  This is very DANGEROUS.
4.  Luckily JetBoil has made a tool that allows us to crack the top of the container to allow for slow venting, followed by opening the container.
5.  Follow this link to check out the inexpensive tool made by JetBoil, and please DO NOT try to crack these containers without the tool!  They are pressurized even after using them up, and can turn into a projectile if not opened properly.

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