Join Sculptor Mark Pilato & the Pilato family at the Green Drake Gallery, December 7th !

Opening Reception:
Friday, December 7th, 5-10pm

Join Sculptor Mark Pilato and the Pilato family for a night of art and soul.
Included in this monumental show will be the poetry of Michael K Brown, music by Cait Cuneo, a chess match to rival any such contests and a stack of delightfully decorated cubes…all drawn together by a unique bouquet of artists. 

This will surely be an evening you won’t want to miss !

Nestled into this already plentiful show will be the very unique fruits of the Pilato/MKB Poetry Sculpture Project.

“Clays, Cubes and Words..
All products of the two year collaboration between Sculptor, Mark Pilato and Poet, Michael Brown.
The final product, the creative effort by a dozen artists working in harmony.

Words have been transformed into three dimensional shapes that carry meaning far beyond the letters of their composition,
individuals lend pieces of themselves to the cube.
In essence, a collaboration is born. 

Don’t miss this exhibit before it heads off to California, where each cube will find its home.

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