Product Review: Hydro Flask 16 oz True Pint

By: Levi Opsatnic

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It’s summer, and now seems to be the time whenever everyone is sipping their favorite beverage. Whether you’re a fan of water, soda, milk, mojitos, or a hoppy IPA, I’m sure that the summer season has you chugging these drinks every chance that you get.

While drinking your favorite drink on a hot day is sure to be a good time, your drink getting hot and sweaty surely isn’t. Fortunately for all of you summer sippers, Hydro Flask has been able to solve this problem with their 16 oz True Pint.

My love for all things Hydro Flask started with a 21 ounce water bottle. It kept my drinks hot or cold way longer than necessary, and since then, I’ve been doing just about everything that I can to add more of their products to my arsenal. Whenever we got our shipment of True Pints, I was downright stoked. I’ve heard of these things but never really got to inspect them for myself. Carrying a price tag of $25, I was a bit intimidated by their costly barrier to entry, so for that, I wanted to get my hands on them before buying. However, my paws weren’t on these pints for long before I rushed to our cash register to buy one. I opted for their Black Butte color and instantly went to fill it up with an icy blast of pop. I sat the pint at my desk and went about my work with the occasional sip in between tasks. A few hours had passed, and much to my surprise (ehh, maybe “surprise” is an overstatement, I didn’t exactly expect Hydro Flask to let me down), there was still a nice supply of ice cubes floating around my pint. Not only was my beverage just as cold as it initially was, but, also, there wasn’t a water-soaked ring left everywhere that I put my pint down.

My work day ended, but before I could leave, I hit the cash register again to buy a stainless steel number. Sure, this was sort of an investment, but if you break glassware as frequently as I do, then this heavy-duty stainless steel pint is an investment that will pay for itself in no time.

After going home, I felt as though I had to test this thing out with a cold beer; after all, that’s just what this product was designed for (seriously, if you have a Hydro Flask Growler, this is its absolute best friend). I’ll preface this next statement by saying that I live in a non-air conditioned apartment that gets uncomfortably hot; however, even in this type of environment, I didn’t realize any sort of temperature change in my beverage, and boy was I content with that. After putting both of my new pints through a bit of work, it only seemed appropriate to give them a clean. Before doing so, I was really hoping that it would be an easy clean, one that didn’t require any soap. Luckily, that’s exactly what I got. I rinsed both of my pints out a few times with hot water, and voilà, they were both nice and clean and ready to get another drink poured into them.

So after purchasing a set of four different True Pints, I’ve found that they’re my go-to vessel, regardless of what I’m drinking. I’ve dropped them a number times without any negative effects; I never need to worry about rings of unsightly moisture being left on my wood tabletops; and, of course, I never need to worry about my cold drinks getting warm or my hot drinks getting cold. To say that these pints are perfect for any sort of drinking may be an understatement– they truly do make sipping your drink quite enjoyable. From an early-morning smoothie to an evening ale, and everything in between, there’s no doubt that I’m happily consuming it in one of Hydro Flask’s True Pint.

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