SmartWool Launch Party, September 28th !

In anticipation of the mass of snow will are most certainly getting this Winter, Appalachian Outdoors & SmartWool have come together for an event that is tailored specifically for your feet, to keep them warm & dry this season !

Be one of the first 100 customers to stop by Appalachian Outdoors this Friday, September 28th, try on the new SmartWool PhD sock and receive a pair for FREE !!!

The new SmartWool PhD Outdoor sock combines comfort, innovative fabric creations, easy care and a delicious sense of style to create a superior product !

With Merino Wool at the core of it all, this material’s benefits include moisture management, temperature regulation, breathability, durability and the beauty of your socks being odor free. It’s no wonder that merino wool has been called the “best fiber for an unpredictable environment.”

SmartWool also uses ZQ Certified Merino, which ensures premium wool quality, humane treatment of animals, proper land management as well as a commitment to worker’s rights.

What more can you ask for ? How about a pair of your very own !

SmartWool PhD @ AppOutdoors

In short, please stop by AppHouse on September 28th for a fresh pair of SmartWool PhD Outdoor socks !



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