Taking Outerwear to New Heights: The North Face’s Summit Series

By: Levi Opsatnic

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Designed with input from their elite squad of alpine athletes, The North Face’s Summit Series has always been synonymous with quality apparel that can push the limits and be taken nearly anywhere, especially those brutally harsh environments. With such a heavy focus on excellence and extreme outdoor pursuits, you’d think that the Summit Series couldn’t get better than it already was.Well, The North Face is looking to prove you wrong this season with their newly revamped Summit Series line. That’s right, The North Face’s Summit Series just got loaded with all types of new technology and is better than you ever thought possible.

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Though I can’t let every cat out of The North Face’s bag, I can say that their new Summit Series line is sure to create quite a stir in the outdoor gear world. The North Face crafted each of their products with a specific focus on the following three principles: Respect, Inspire, and Evolve. This displays respect towards their athletes and the often-threatening environments they are in, a drive to inspire by taking a more streamlined and efficient approach to clothing, and an evolution of gear through the use of new, groundbreaking technology. Whenever The North Face stitched each of these three principles into one perfect harmony, they left you with a wonderfully-coded layering system that will make your outdoor life much easier and will have you pushing the envelope of adventure every chance that you get. From base-layer to outer-layer, you’ll find that this renewed series of apparel has everything that you need to conquer new heights.

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As for now, I’ve said about everything that I can about The North Face’s Summit Series. If I’ve piqued your interest even the slightest bit, we are expecting this line to hit our shelves sometime next week, so be sure to stop in and see how The North Face was able to defy conventionality once again.

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