The North Face Kilowatt Boardshorts Product Review

by Derek DeBenedetto.

This week I want to review the new boardshorts by The North Face (TNF).

The North Face Kilowatt Boardshorts are part of their new line of training apparel called “Mountain Athletics.” These boardshorts are unlike anything I have ever trained in before. The Mountain Athletics line was created to support TNF-sponsored athletes during their outdoor training sessions. However, they are not limited to just benefiting the extreme athletes; the shorts are just as beneficial for the semi weekly jogger.


When I first heard of TNF coming out with a pair of boardshorts for training purposes, I was skeptical because I have never strayed away from the typical mesh gym shorts. I used to think of boardshorts as something that I would wear to the beach and go surfing in, but these shorts completely changed my mind.

The Kilowatt Shorts are some of the most comfortable shorts I have worked out in. They’re built with a 10.5 inch inseam, which helps the shorts move with you throughout your workout and provides a full range of mobility. TNF uses an abrasion resistant fabric that helps to minimize irritation throughout the training session.

I am a big fan of shorts that are comfortable and stylish, but it is just as important that they are practical. One of the coolest aspects of these shorts is the small hole above the right pocket, letting you run a headphone wire into the pocket and zip it up completely, so your media player does not fall out during the work out. While this may seem like a small deal, there are very few athletic shorts that have this feature, and it’s something you really miss once you’re wearing shorts without this media loop.

I have tested these shorts through various workouts ranging from indoor and outdoors cardio intensive all the way to heavier lifting activities, and they have remained breathable and dry throughout each workout. Thanks to the turn in weather here in PA, I’ve been running outdoors as much as possible. Considering that these The North Face shorts were created by TNF to withstand the vigorous outdoor training methods of their sponsored athletes, they had absolutely no problem remaining completely breathable throughout the extent of my run. Within 30 minutes of cooling down, the shorts were completely dry and ready for another work out.

Overall, I have been very impressed with the Kilowatt Boardshort. Although I never saw myself as someone to workout in boardshorts, these have completely changed my mind. I’ve done away with my generic mesh workout shots. Whether you are an outdoor cross trainer, a member of the Crossfit community, or just the semi-weekly jogger, these shorts are definitely a great product and an awesome addition to your athletic apparel wardrobe.

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