The Patagonia All-Weather Dress, perfect for a Hot-Sun-Run!

Summertime runs in the blazing sun and vicious humidity can be arduous if you are not prepared with the right materials on your body. Let me rephrase; summertime runs ARE arduous no matter what you wear! But every once in a while a garment comes along that makes you feel lighter on your feet, takes one less worry away from your mind as you make your way to your goal, one mile after another.

The Patagonia All Weather dress has been providing me with quite a bit of breeze and therefore, relief, as I run along in the blazing sun, my body drenched in sweat. While regular running shirts and shorts can wick moisture, the fact that this dress does the same and manages to flutter in the wind as you run, makes it a superior running outfit for women.

Style must no longer suffer for function! Patagonia has managed to cross a black mini-cocktail dress with a functional running garment. It is a pleasure to see fashion playing a leading role in athletic clothing design!

Along the lines of style, the cut and shape of this slinky running dress is youthful and feminine. Resting slightly above the knee, the dress allows your legs plenty of room to move, which naturally brings up the question of what sort of undergarment to wear underneath this light as air dress. Because the fabric does not cling to the body at all, a Patagonia Boy Short works great. Light and breathable, the fabric is not oppressive at all and gives you plenty of coverage in case a gust of wind catches you off guard!

The Patagonia Active Mesh Bra does a fabulous job in a supportive as well as moisture wicking capacity. This bra’s fabric is as light and barely there as the boy short, existing nicely under the fabric of the dress, which rests lightly on the shoulders.

What if you just feel like throwing it on for a nice summer BBQ? Be my guest! I have a pair of black, 2 inch high flips flops that really set off the length of this multi-purpose dress! Finally, throw on some lip gloss, a necklace or a nice pair of dangling earrings and your look is ready to go!

And if you are concerned about your keys, chapstick or a few bucks to carry with you, fret not because the Patagonia All Weather dress has an upper left chest and rear envelope pocket to save the day!

Take it from me, this slinky, sporty and truly “all weather” dress is all it is cracked up to be and worth every penny!