Boba Carriers

Our customers who are parents are sure to be excited to learn of our newest product:

Boba baby carriers.

Boba carriers are a soft structured carrier which can be worn on the front or back and offer ideal overall support for baby.  Unlike other popular baby carriers, the Boba supports baby’s legs in a flexed, abducted (frog-like) position.  By providing this wide seat, the Boba naturally aligns baby’s hips, pelvis, and spine and fully supports the leg. Additionally, Boba has the unique added feature of optional foot straps which maximize comfort of the baby being carried.  The carrier is designed to hold babies in an ideal position: allowing them to turn their heads from sources of over stimulation and providing necessary head and neck support should baby fall asleep while being carried.  The carrier accommodates children 15-45 lb and fits most adults.
For more information on the Boba and a comparison chart of all baby carriers, visit or come speak with a sales clerk in store today.

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