Cross Country Skiing in Black Moshannon

When cross-country skiing season is in full swing, sometimes you need to travel a bit to find the best conditions. Thankfully in Central PA, we’re lucky to have a vast range of environments in pretty close proximity, so finding conditions that are better elsewhere is usually an easy option. Today’s adventure takes place in Black Moshannon State Park, where Geoff was able to find roughly 8″-10″ of snow, and although the conditions were great for a day out, a little fresh powder would have helped. The adventure starts at equine parking lot and covers some distance along the Rattlesnake Trail.

Where to begin and end: Equine Parking Lot

Relive ‘Black Moshannon Ridge Trail’

A map of the day’s routemap
Getting ready to leave the lot3
Starting onto the tracks right here4
Even if conditions aren’t perfect, enjoying the time with friends always makes the day worth it3
A look at the Rattlesnake Trail in Black Mo’. 2

Like all outdoor activities, cross-country skiing is something that you want to be prepared to do safely and comfortably, and despite each of us having our own requirements, here are a few things that should be brought along: a map of Black Mo State Park, a good pair of ski socks, a water bottle, a headlamp for after dusk, and proper clothing for the day’s conditions. And if you’re looking to rent a pair of cross-country skis before committing, we offer a rental service.

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