Cross Country Skiing on Bear Meadows Road

With the solid snow conditions sticking around, Geoff took to Bear Meadows Road for some Cross Country Skiing. Bear Meadows is a road in Rothrock that provides easy access, an open parking lot, and whenever the conditions are right, some excellent cross country skiing opportunities.

Where to begin and end: Bear Meadows Road


Forestry parking lot



Corner Road

Like all outdoor activities, cross-country skiing is something that you want to be prepared to do safely and comfortably, and despite each of us having our own requirements, here are a few things that should be brought along: a map of Rothrock State Forest, a good pair of ski socks, a water bottle, a headlamp for after dusk, and proper clothing for the day’s conditions. And if you’re looking to rent a pair of cross-country skis before committing, we offer a rental service.

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  1. thanks for posting this info! My friend and I were planning a two day backpacking adventure for next weekend, but after seeing the forecast for two snow events between now & then has us thinking cross country skiing instead. Does the Purple Lizard map do a good job of showing trails suitable for skiing? Are there other options in the area?

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