Enjoy fresh and delicious, locally grown foods at your favorite Farmer’s Market this week !

Today’s, forecast, Sunny and 79 degrees ! What a prefect Summer day to visit your local farmer’s market for some delicious goodies !
Celebrate dinnertime in the garden this evening with delicious, locally grown veggies, followed by some equally tasty baked goods. And to decorate your table, potted sunflowers most certainly do the trick. After your meal, feel free to plant these lovely beasts in your back yard ! Sunflowers, wild and vibrant, make any garden come to life !

Photo by M. Wolszczan

The State College Farmer’s Market is located at the Locust Street intersection with College Avenue. Visit this local favorite Tuesdays & Fridays, 11:30 – 5:30pm (May – Nov).
Maybe you feel like having an adventure, a tour of the region’s countryside, perhaps ? If so, there are local farms aplenty ! Harner Farm, Tait Farm and Way Fruit Farm, to name a few !
Happy Trails !!

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