First Friday with The Crooked House’s Benjamin Fehl

By: Levi Opsatnic

While Appalachian Outdoors is filled with the “outdoorsy” type, we all enjoy and appreciate someone who thinks outside of the box. Whether it’s a shortcut on a hike, an unorthodox way of setting up a tent, an artistic approach to something that most would consider to simply be black and white, we can all find some merit in an individual riding their own wave. And while on the topic of finding your own path, our upcoming guest, Benjamin Fehl, is currently chiseling his own unique path less than a half-hour away with his current art project going by the name “The Crooked House.”

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“In our world of social media and connectivity, deep in us is a place we desire to call home. This sculpture honors the sense of home we carry with us where ever we are.” A statement by William Snyder III perfectly captures the familiar feeling that we all get whenever walking into our door, regardless of what or where that door really is. Taking an abandon house in Milesburg, PA, Benjamin Fehl is working with the help of Snyder and Christine Robinson to create a communal house that everyone in town will be able to call “home.” But the positivity doesn’t cease there, as this project also turns a once abandoned house into a work of art that will put a smile on the face of anyone who walks into its doors.

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Of course, the completion of this work is no easy task. Over the last ten years, Fehl has worked to restructure this entire house. From excavating the foundation of the home to preserving some of its original integrity, Fehl has worked to complete it all. However, the Borough of Milesburg has put a large speedbump in Fehl’s path with their deadline of completion being slated for March of 2017. While this deadline is still several months away, there are some hefty barriers of labor, materials, and assembly that Benjamin is having a bit of trouble with. That being said, we will be hosting a seminar with Benjamin, William Snyder III, and Christine Robinson on October 7, 2016 from 6:00-8:00 pm. The trio will be discussing the entirety of this project, and whether you’re coming to show support or just to learn about this community development, your attendance will surely be appreciated. So come on out, enjoy some free snacks and drinks, and learn about a new development in Central Pennsylvania that is anything but ordinary.

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If you’d like to make a donation or see more about this project, follow the links below:

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