Five on Friday: Five Women’s Button-Downs

By: Levi Opsatnic

The Fourth of July fun may be over, but that doesn’t mean that the button-downs need to go away. Last week, we checked out five button-down shirts for the guys out there, and this week, we’ll keep that same theme rolling right into the female side of things.

Always ready to add a casual, carefree approach to the day, a button-down shirt goes with everything from your favorite jeans to a freshly grilled hotdog decorated with ketchup and mustard. And almost even better than that, their versatility lends them to be able to be comfortably worn nearly anywhere you go.

So without any additional holdup, here are five button-downs to get you through anything from an evening August bash to a ten mile hike over a chilly ridge.

1. Columbia Silver Ridge II Sleeveless Shirt

Columbia-Silver Ridge II Sleeveless Shirt

What Columbia’s Silver Ridge II Sleeveless Shirt may lack in overall arm coverage, it surely makes up for with such a sweet look and breezy style. Simple yet refined, this top has a look that will be complimented with everything from your trusted hiking boots to your favorite jean shorts.

2. The North Face Baylyn Shirt

The North Face-Baylyn Shirt

Drawing on a real favorite in the world of button-downs, The North Face’s Baylyn Shirt gives you a timeless look with just enough of a modern edge to keep your mind (and body) happy in any situation. The lightweight design of this shirt allows for the air to flow in, but also for you to throw on an undershirt without feeling restricted.

3. Prana Britt Top

Prana-Britt Top

With the creation of the Britt Top, Prana hooks you up with a super comfy shirt that showcases two of the coolest patterns around. Somehow managing to perfectly blend a tie-dye look with a plaid look, this shirt strikes a chord of style in more ways than you can imagine. And an organic cotton construction makes for undeniable comfort from the trail to post-trail round of beverages.

4.  Toad & Co. Airbrush Long Sleeve Shirt

Toad & Co. Airbrush Long Sleeve Shirt

Delicately stitched with reich precision, the Airbrush Long Sleeve Shirt from Toad & Co. provides you and your body with a soft reprieve from the day no matter where you are. Made from, you guessed it, organic cotton, this shirt keeps your body feeling nothing but stoked, and two different, equally impressive, looks allows you to truly dial in the style.

5. Ex Officio BugsAway Marigold Shirt

Ex Officio-BugsAway Marigold Shirt

Those of us who spend countless hours each year trekking through muddy territory with nothing more to show for it than a few dozen mosquito bites will love the insect repellant quality of Ex Officio’s BugsAway Marigold Shirt, and those of us who are just a fan of sharp styling won’t be able to resist its elegant appearance. Treated with permethrin, this shirt frees you from constantly batting away the buzzers, while some solid colors and a flattering fit leaves you dressed to impress.

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