Five on Friday: Five Women’s Products for Fall

By: Levi Opsatnic

Last week, I was spouting off all sorts of stuff about how fall is right around the corner. Well, as I uncomfortably type away in a hot, humid house, I’m now realizing that summer won’t be fading away without at least one more heated bang. Does this heatwave mean that we should all keep our nice fleeces, insulated jackets, and flannels in storage? Absolutely not. As much as we all love warm weather and soaking up the sun, there’s no doubt that we will soon be forgoing the sleeveless shirts and reaching for something a bit more comforting.

Ladies, it’s now your time to shine and get yourselves ready for the cold seasons that are right around the corner. Last Friday, we checked out some snazzy products for the guys, and I’ve now done enough research to drum up five products that all of you gal readers are sure grab whenever the mercury begins to plummet.

1. Woolrich The Pemberton Shirt

Woolrich The Pemberton Shirt

There’s hardly a better fall combo than Woolrich and flannel, and their Pemberton Shirt is a perfect example of this idea. A rich swathe of colors married to a comfort that can’t be beat turns this timeless top into one that you’ll be reaching for no matter the occasion.

2. Ibex Shak Vest

Ibex Shak Vest

Here in Pennsylvania, we aren’t exactly granted the longest “vest season” there is. And for this reason, you’ll find me grabbing my (male) Shak Vest from Ibex just about every chance I get. Being made exclusively from merino wool, this vest keeps me cozy and just the right temperature on a fall day. And whenever winter sets in, this piece is a wonderful midlayer that won’t leave you feeling like a Thanksgiving turkey. Finished off with a clean and minimal look, the Shak Vest offers as much in the way of casual styling as it does versatile comfort.

3. Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket

Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket

There’s no doubt that Patagonia’s Nano Puff Jacket is an absolute favorite from their fall line. Designed to adapt to nearly any chilly situation, the Nano Puff is a synthetic jacket that will trap your heat even if its DWR finish wasn’t able to handle the monsoon you encountered on your way into the office. Pairing a cool and intricate baffling with sixty grams of PrimaLoft Gold insulation ensures that you won’t ever be caught looking or feeling anything but your best.

4. Outdoor Research Aspire Jacket

Outdoor Research Aspire Jacket

Rain won’t ever have you compromising your outdoor aspirations again whenever you’re seeking protection in Outdoor Research’s Aspire Jacket. With a GORE-TEX construction, this jacket offers waterproofing that’s second to none, while a stuff sack and array of pockets provides  convenience anywhere from the trail to your morning stroll onto campus. Say goodbye to the days of wandering around soaked to the bone with the Aspire Jacket.

5. Canada Goose Montebello Parka

Canada Goose Montebello Parka

Whenever the winter season conspires an army of frigid temperatures, blistering winds, and snowflakes the size of quarters, seek solace in Canada Goose’s Montebello Parka. Spoken lightly, this thing’s serious, really serious. Crafted to be used on week-long dog sledding adventures, this jacket will have no problem breaking the winter chill here in Pennsylvania. With a lofty layer of 625 fill white duck down and a weather-resistant outer, this jacket allows you to maintain a sense of comfort whether it’s twenty below or a balmy thirty-two degrees. The Montebello Parka doesn’t stop at undeniable warmth, as it carries a look that is as hot as its construction.

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