Live Mannequins in-store at Appalachian Outdoors, First Night, Dec. 31st !

We are proud to welcome once again the State College Area High School Thespian’s (drama club), for our annual Appalachian Outdoors Live Mannequin Window event ! Join us for First Night, Monday, December 31st, Downtown State College, from 6-8pm. Stop by Appalachian Outdoors and see these talented youths perform right in our store window !!

Also, this January, see the Classic Children’s Theater performance of ”Many Moons,” a James Thurber tale.

An amusing tale about a princess who wants the moon. Alas, the wise men of the kingdom cannot get it for her. Who will solve the problem and save the princess ?

Find out Saturday, January 5th, 7pm, at the North Building High School Auditorium and Sunday, the 6th at 2pm.

This is a family friendly matinee so bring along all of your loved ones ! In the meantime, see you December 31st at Appalachian Outdoors !

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