Appalachian Outdoors’ 1st FREE U of 2013 Presents:FIT-OL-O-GY, Thursday, January 24th !

Join a fantastic crew of yoga and fitness instructors for Appalachian Outdoors’ first FREE U of 2013 !

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

In-store at Appalachian Outdoors, Featuring: 

***Please bring your yoga tights and mat for maximum participation capabilities !


What the newly launched Fitology can do for you !

Offering 9 unlimited Les Mills group fitness classes !
- Diverse cardio formats to promote heart health
- Unique strength programs to improve muscle mass
- An innovative flexibility class to enhance physical as well as mental balance
- Bi-annual, on-site physiological and musculo-skeletal testing

In short, Fitology is designed for everyone and anyone who wants to get fit, decrease stress, lose weight, have fun, meet friends, stay fit, increase their fitness level and even challenge their fitness level ! 

542 Westerly Parkway, State College, Pa

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