Product Review: Men’s Long-Sleeved Capilene Daily T-Shirt

By: Levi Opsatnic

cap daly

Whenever it comes to springtime weather, if there’s one thing that you can count on, it’s unpredictability. Mornings in the low forties and sunny afternoons in the seventies, spring in Central Pennsylvania can give a swathe of conditions that are often nothing short of random. During those days that begin and end with a chill, with a short and sunny intermission during the afternoon, I look to start my attire with a lightweight layer. Something that I can count on to breathe, wick moisture, provide a minor amount of warmth, and keep me comfortable. Luckily, most companies make pretty nice baselayers and synthetic shirts. And while they all generally operate with similar results, I’ve really fallen in love with Patagonia’s Daily Capilene Long Sleeve Shirts.

Made entirely from recycled polyester (that’s bluesign approved) with Fair Trade Certified sewing, this piece sports as much responsibility as it does comfort. Sure, these aren’t exactly details that will show whenever you’re wearing the garment, but I am definitely able to get some peace of mind knowing that the shirt I’m wearing was created in the most responsible way with the least impact on our planet. With procedures like this, it shouldn’t be too surprising that I’ve opted for Patagonia to outfit me with this choice of clothing.

So now to get down to the wearing properties of this top. One thing that I really appreciate about it is its stretch. This shirt offers an excellent amount of stretch that allows your body to move with the shirt and prevents your movement from being hindered. Not only that, but the underarm gussets also increase your overall mobility. Another real benefit to the Capilene Daily collection is how quickly this fabric dries. I’ve had my whole forearm in a stream, only to find out that an hour or so later, my arm was totally dry. Since I spend a good amount of time around the water, this feature really goes a long way with me. Luckily, this same quick-drying principle applies for your body’s perspiration. One final element of this shirt that’s worthy of mentioning is its minimal approach. I’ve never been a guy to walk around dressed as a billboard, so for that, this shirt’s simple look is just what I want. This allows me to wear this shirt into the woods and then right into town without being concerned with my appearance. But don’t worry, if you’re a logo guy or gal, Patagonia has you covered with their Capilene Daily Graphic T-Shirt.

After owning this piece for a few months, it really has become one of my go-to shirts, and it’s one that I’ll keep in my arsenal for as long as Patagonia includes it in their line.

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