Recapping Our Fall Expo

Well, that’s another fall Expo in the books! Before we begin this recap, we want to thank everyone for showing up. We know it was a little on the soggy side, but we still had such a great turnout. This couldn’t have been done without you all, so thanks!

DSCN3156[1] DSCN3131[1]

It was great seeing so many people taking advantage of our vendor reps and floor staff. It seemed like at every turn there was a rep or Appoutdoors employee explaining a product or technology to a customer. We hope you were able to gain the knowledge to make your adventures even more fun, but if you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to stop on by!

DSCN3137[1] DSCN3130[1]

Our raffle table was definitely one of the biggest hits of the day. You all did such a great job of filling those glasses up with your raffle tickets. We’ve drawn and contacted our winners, so make sure to check those voicemails or email inboxes!


We were thrilled to welcome Jay Paterno to Appalachian Outdoors. He was able to sign books and talk to customers the entire time he was here. It was great to get one of our community leaders in to the store.

DSCN3151[1] DSCN3147[1]

For our shoppers, we had our poker chip discount going. While the 10% off chip was the most picked chip, we did get a major winner. That’s right! The 100% off poker chip was plucked by Morgan Costello, and she got her entire order for free. She scored a Chochineal Red Patagonia ¼ Zip Better Sweater and a pair of Evolv Climbing shoes for the low low cost of $0! She even had her picture taken with our owner Geoff Brugler.

DSCN3165[1] shoes[1] better-sweater[1]

The saddest part about our Fall Expo is that it signifies winter is well on its way. But don’t worry. We’ll get through this winter, and then it will be time for our Spring Expo!

Thanks again for making the Fall Expo so great!

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