The North Face Kilowatt Long Sleeve ¼ Zip Product Review

by Derek DeBenedetto.  

There has been some serious hype regarding the new “Mountain Athletics” training wear line that was recently released by The North Face. The Company is looking to target individuals that do CrossFit-style training both indoors and outdoors. One of the hottest products within this collection is the North Face Kilowatt Long Sleeve ¼ zip Jacket and for good reason. The Kilowatt Long Sleeve ¼ zip is developed for indoor and outdoor training and works to maximize breathability, comfort and overall durability. After testing this top for about a month now, I firmly believe that The North Face has developed an awesome piece of training apparel that suites anyone, from the light jogger to extreme athletes.


I have used this The North Face jacket in several scenarios, from pure weight lifting to longer cardio workouts. However, the best test came when I competed in a Warrior Games event and had a timed worked that consisted of running 1 mile, 100 pull ups, 200 push-ups, 300 air squats, and ended with a 1 mile run. This workout took me from inside of the gym to outside on a day that lingered in the mid-to-high 40s. At no point was I uncomfortable, and I really did enjoy how breathable the fabric was.

The Flash Dry fabric is terrific for workouts that really get you sweating. I would have been drenched in almost any other fabric during the Warrior Games workout, but this top kept me as dry as possible, which really made it an overall more enjoyable experience. Fifteen minutes after the race had ended, I was completely dry! I have worn numerous tops from some of the other “leading” brands that advertise this type of material, but I always seem to sweat right through it. This was definitely the first top that I saw a noticeable difference in its ability to stay dry, and for that I was a very happy camper!

The Kilowatt Long Sleeve ¼ zip is sewn in a way that provides much more comfort to areas that could potentially get irritated during long workouts, like under your arms, across your chest, or on your shoulders. The construction of the top is compartmentalized to provide maximum comfort during the workout. I have struggled at times, getting pretty bad rashes on my arms from material constantly rubbing back and forth on it, but had absolutely no problem with The Kilowatt Long Sleeve ¼ zip.

Finally, this shirt screams breathability. While it manages to keep you dry at the same time, it also helps your body to not over heat. I think the best quality in a shirt is its ability to make you believe it’s not even there. Breathability is great because it makes a piece of apparel flourish for indoor or outdoor training, and through a wide range of temperatures.

I was very pleased with how The Kilowatt Long Sleeve ¼ zip by The North Face has worked out for me over the past months. The ability to keep you dry, comfortable, and not overheated throughout your workout is vital for any type of exercise that you may be involved with. This is a versatile piece that was built specifically to handle long, grueling workouts similar to CrossFit, but really is great even for the average jog outside. In the end, I would absolutely buy this piece again over any others that are offered by The North Face’s competitors, and I look forward to continue using it in the future.

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