Five on Friday: Women’s Spring Sale Shoes

By: Levi Opsatnic

Around State College, as the spring season progresses, we are brought closer and closer to shorts and tank top weather with each day. As we get more and more days filled with sunshine and jacketless weather, us at Appalachian Outdoors are continuing our spring cleaning. If you tuned in to our last Five on Friday, then you know that we covered five different men’s clearance spring shoes. And being that we’re still in the mood to help everyone make the most out of their spring season with some awesome deals, I’d like to highlight five different women’s sale shoes that are sure to keep your feet happy all season long.

From cute boots, summer sandals, and all the way down to casual, backyard chillers, we’ll be sure to cover everything and give you some cool spring options. Oh, and not to mention, most of these shoes are priced around half off, which lets all of you ladies out there pick up some awesome deals for your feet.

1. Reef Mallory Sandals

Reef Mallory Sandals

There’s really no doubt that a good, comfy pair of thong sandals is necessary for the warmer seasons, and Reef’s Mallory Sandals are perfect for hitting those casual spring and summer days. A spongelike footbed paired with an arch support adds a ton of comfort in your every step, while a soft upper strap adds just the right amount of support. Whether you’re beach bound or simply strolling around town, the colorful and fun patterns on the Mallory Sandals are a stylish accent to any outfit.

2.  Volley OC Shoes

Volley OC Shoes

Simple? Maybe. But Volley’s OC Shoes surely compliment a summer day like ice in your lemonade. Made with a soft and breathable canvas upper, these shoes definitely won’t leave your feet feeling ten different types of clammy after a day spent outside. Made with as much versatility as comfort, the Volley OC Shoes pair well with just about anything. From the first day that you can wear shorts to comfortable summer dresses, these shoes will compliment just about any outfit.

3.  Keen Footwear Newport H2 Sandals

Keen Newport H2 Sandals

Quite possibly one of the most versatile examples of warm weather footwear, Keen’s Newport H2 Sandals are a staple for any river rat, wet trail enthusiast, or sandal lover around. Made with a quick lace system, you won’t ever need to worry about tying your laces whenever you’re floating down the river. And to provide the perfect balance of ventilation, traction, and support, these sandals feature an open webbing upper with a multi-directional lug pattern on the sole that can carry you through just about any terrain quite easily. Made to get into anything you do, you’ll love the ease in which you can throw on your Newport H2 Sandals without worrying about any form of limitations.

4. Merrell Haven Autumn Waterproof Boots

Merrell Haven Autumn Waterproof Boots

Don’t let the name of Merrell’s Haven Autumn Waterproof Boots fool you, because these bad boys are ready for just about any season you’re looking to use em’ in. Perfect for the wet, rainy spring season, these boots feature a waterproof design that will let you trudge through the deepest of puddles around town. Not only do these boots keep your feet dry, but they also take a comfortable and grippy approach to any day, all thanks to the combination of their M-Select MOVE footframe and M-Select GRIP. With a style that is sure to impress, the Haven Autumn Waterproof Boots hold a sleek look that will have you dreaming of rainy nights out on the town…well okay, maybe minus the rain.

5. Keen Footwear Marshall Waterproof Shoes

Keen Marshall Waterproof Shoes

Alright, I know that this is the second time that Keen Footwear has reared their head in this list, but let’s face it; they make some pretty sweet shoes to help you tackle the damp weather that spring usually holds. With all of that said, Keen’s Marshall Waterproof Shoes are certainly no stranger to the mud soaked trails that are ever so present after spring showers. Ready to hit just about any terrain, these light hikers utilize a KEEN.DRY technology for the benefit of a truly waterproof shoe. Throw in their multi-directional lugs and EVA footbed, and your feet are granted enough support and traction for any situation. Regardless if you plan to hit the trails in a sprint or just want to be able to navigate under all conditions, you and your feet will quickly fall in love with the Marshall Waterproof Shoes.

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